PDF Reader is excellence in itself

The Web is home to thousands of downloadable books, forms, letters, and all kinds of documentation in the PDF format. Thus, it’s practical to have a program installed on your computer that can open them. Adobe Reader is the best program to view, print, and annotate PDFs.


The document in your hands

Adobe Reader has all of the tools needed to scan and read anything quickly and easily.

Annotate your PDF

At the forefront of web technology, Adobe Reader lets you add comments to PDF documents, include reminders, and underline or highlight key ideas and relevant words in highlighter colors.

Formal response

Adobe Reader lets you add form functionality as well as fill in forms you download from websites. This is one of the best features in the program as it takes away from paperwork in an application process.

Make your mark!

Adobe Reader gives you the ability to write a digital signature onto any work you produce and upload online. This means you can retain full copyright to the alleged content, and is specially advantageous to scholars, authors and artists the world over.